Irene's School of Dance

Classes run throughout the school year and students present an informal holiday program
in December and a recital in June.

Students are placed in class according to age, ability and previous training.
Evening and Saturday classes are available for the convenience of working parents.

FALL REGISTRATION: Please call the studio at 360-692-4395 for
class times or register in person, August 20th thru September 1st,
Monday thru Friday from Noon to 6:00 pm
or Saturday from 10 am to 2:00 pm.
Fall classes begin Wednesday, September 5th.

TODDLER PREDANCE...Toddlers ages 2 and 3 are lead through exercises performed
to rhymes. Explores movement concepts, rhythm and creating with props. Helps to
develop fine and gross motor skills. Involves some parent participation.

TINY TOTS...Combination of tap, pre-ballet and tumbling for girls and boys ages 3 1/2
to 6. Geared to develop rhythm and coordination and to stimulate the imagination using
simple exercises, songs and dance movements.

CHILDREN'S...Combination of ballet, tap and jazz for girls and boys ages 6 to 8
preferring a general dance education.

BALLET...Classical ballet for those 8 years through adult with emphasis on technique
and body alignment. Pointe work offered when technical readiness is achieved.

JAZZ/LYRICAL...A stimulating form of dance for pre-teens, teen-agers and adults. A
variety of styles including rock, hip-hop, funk, musical theatre and lyrical.

HIP HOP…A fun high energy dance form done to the latest music. For ages 7 and up.
Intro to Hip Hop/Jazz for 5 to 7 year olds.

TAP...A rhythmic form of dance for all age groups. Develops rhythm and coordination.
Adult Classes available.

integrates awareness of the body's place in space, freedom of movement and self
expression. For ages 7 through adult.

BATON... A great way to improve hand and eye coordination. For kindergarten through
age 12.

BOYS AND MEN...Dance improves coordination for all sports. Combination class of
tap and jazz/hip hop for 8 to 13 year olds. Mixed classes of tap, jazz and ballet for teens
and adults. Some scholarships available for teen guys.